An estimated 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Depression can make you morose, lethargic, and apathetic. Dealing with depression frequently impedes one’s enjoyment of activities they previously relished. The looming cloud depression creates often causes an individual to lose touch with their true self, potentials and aspirations.

Individuals commonly cope with the symptoms of depression through counselling, medication, or often substance abuse. While these options have become our society’s default treatment options, alternatives used alone or in concert with traditional treatments can drastically improve and help manage the symptoms associated with depression. Alternatives that provide both short term and long term satisfaction.

For me, that alternative is cooking. When you are in sync with the art of cooking, you tune out any obstructions. There is just you, the ingredients, and your tools. It keeps you focused, creative, and attentive, with the end result conceiving a delicious plate that will erase any doubt you had and exclaim “Wow, I made that?”

There is no doubt in my mind that anyone can became a great chef. Some may think that cooking is a tedious activity, but I assure you it is not. On the contrary, it is quite therapeutic. Cooking is an experience and every individual can make that experience unique. The scope of my blog isn’t to just show you recipes. I want people to use them to construct something delicious that will make them feel good. Like many, I know how hard it is to deal with depression. I want to assist people by sharing with them not only my therapy, but my passion. I will be updating this blog timely with my recipes. I hope you, and the people you cook for, all enjoy making them as I do.

I have also added an anonymous contact page for anyone that wants someone to talk to, or simply if they want to vent. I am not a licensed therapist, so I cannot provide you with any medical advice, but I can give you a conversation or, a listening ear, if you need.


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